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Stefan Rehnfeldt
Project Manager









He's seen his share of chick flix being the only guy in a house of five females [wife, 3 daughters + dog].


Spends many weekends at his cabin east of the mountains – sampling local red wines.


Speaks Swedish and French. Hallå!

Hailing from Sweden, Stefan made the giant leap to San Francisco after getting his degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Stockholm. In the States, he found his niche in healthcare construction, which has been his focus for over ten years. Now that nearly all three of his daughters are out of the house, Stefan finds more time to practice the guitar, work on his cabin in Mason, backpack, hike, cycle and more. But his favorite moments are when his entire family is together in one place, enjoying each other's company.

key projects
Providence Administrative Office Renovation | Renton Swedish Sandpoint Clinic | Seattle