GLY team
Royce Moriarty
LEED Green Associate, Assoc. DBIA™
Project Engineer










Three-time visitor to the Caribbean.


World Record Holder. You'll have to ask what for. 


Hawks fan BEFORE they were good.

Royce grew up in the small town of Selah, WA but is a big-city guy at heart – displayed through his love for every Seattle sports team [including the Sonics] as well as the ever-changing skyline and multitude of cranes. His favorite aspect of the construction industry is the consistent change in scenery; there's always new locations, new projects and new challenges to overcome. When he's not looking forward to his next adventure in construction, he's partaking in a variety of adventures outdoors including fly-fishing, snowboarding, and duck hunting.

key projects
Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue