GLY team
Aaron Lum
LEED Green Associate
Project Engineer






Dual degree-holder in Business Admin and Construction Engineering Management.


Looks forward to weekend date nights with his wife, Tracy.


Lived in Bolivia for 10 weeks to help build a hospital one brick at a time.

Aaron started his construction career at just 13 years of age – learning the nuts and bolts of the industry through the family construction business. He still brings the same high level of enthusiasm he did back then to his present-day role as Project Engineer. Although he's native to Hawai'i, living there for the first 18 years of his life, Aaron couldn't bring himself to leave the Pacific Northwest after transplanting to Oregon for college. If he can't be in Hawai'i, he'll bring Hawai'i here ... Aaron is a talented wood worker who dreams of building ukuleles in the near future.

key projects
Kline Galland Home | Seattle LMN Architects Office Reinvention | Seattle Seattle Genetics Building 3 Phase III | Bothell