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Paul Beethe







Horses Beau and Aero named after his love for hunting.


Prefers riding horses or his motorcycle over any other method of transportation.


Has traded in snowmobiling, hydroplane racing, and four wheeling for mountain horseback riding.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Paul followed in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather in both farming and building. Although he migrated to the west coast [free of tornadoes] and now supervises the construction of city high-rises, he's still a cowboy at heart and escapes the city life each night in Fall City, where he and his wife built a house and farm for their horses. Now that their four kids are grown and out of the house, Paul is found hunting big game and upland birds, water or snow skiing, or simply enjoying a good glass of Merlot or Crown on the rocks while watching a good movie.

key projects
Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue