GLY team
Loren Moyer
Senior Project Manager









Lived in five countries and 11 states growing up.


Hosts an annual apple/pear cider press for the neighborhood in September.


Had dual citizenship in the US and South Korea until he was 18.

Loren, a member of the Interiors | Special Projects team, is an Army brat who lived in South Korea, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Hawaii, Texas, California, Alabama, and Georgia all before finishing high school. He and his wife, Betsy, decided to plant their roots in the PNW and moved to Seattle nine years ago so she could attend graduate school and obtain her Environmental MBA. They spend all of their available free time with their son, Jonah, working in the yard or taking walks around the neighborhood.

key projects
Carillon Point | Kirkland Intentional Software | Bellevue Two Union Square | Seattle