GLY team
John Heffernan
LEED Green Associate
Project Engineer








Loves a good set of suspenders.


Traveled with his wife, Emily, to 16 different countries over 7 months.


Will dress up every Halloween for the rest of his life.




John got his feet wet at GLY as a summer intern and returned without hesitation once he graduated from Washington State University. As a true happy-go-lucky guy, John is able to lighten the mood in a room no matter the circumstances. His love for construction doesn't end on the jobsite. He is a carpenter at heart and never gets tired of home remodel project. His latest project? Sprucing up his new home with his wife, daughter, and dog, Mug.

key projects
1800 Ninth | Seattle Microsoft B16+17 WPA | Redmond Nordstrom Seattle Flagship Exterior Renovation