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CJ Castillo
LEED Green Associate
Project Engineer








Diehard Pearl Jam fan.


Diehard Richard Sherman fan [after Pearl Jam, of course].


Plays softball for the Cedar Grove Composters.

A native Seattleite, CJ took a break from the PNW and headed for Southern California during his college years. After graduating from Chapman, he returned to his hometown to start his career in the construction industry. CJ now lives with his wife, Lisa, and their 120 pound Rottweiler, Major, in West Seattle where he was born and raised. He keeps active with numerous pastimes including baseball [his favorite since he can relive his college playing days], golf, fishing, and camping.

key projects
Vulcan Block 44, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle Vulcan Block 52e, Amazon Headquarters | Seattle Vulcan Block 43 | Allen Institute | Seattle