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Andrew Johnson
Project Engineer









With height comes a large appetite…and thus a large intake of Mexican food.


Spends his spare time with new wife, Laina and energetic pup, Winnie.


Favorite place to relax is at the family cabin on the Puget Sound.

Andrew started learning the tricks of the trade at a young age since his father was in construction. In college, he focused on business management, serving him well in an industry that relies heavily on working in a collaborative environment. He admits that the job can cause an early onset of grey hairs, but he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. He thrives on working with a team of various talents and skillsets to complete complex projects. This teamwork mentality may have sprouted from his college years, where he was Captain of the MSU Lacrosse team, leading them to the MCLA National Tournament.

key projects
Boeing Renton Site Logistics + Ductbank Projects