GLY team
Alex Hofto
Senior Project Manager











Go-to guy for both advice and comic-relief.


Enthusiastic fisherman + skier.


Can make light of any situation.

With his ready wit and storytelling, Alex is a guy you want on your team on and off the job. Beneath his suave, quirky demeanor, he harbors strong leadership and communication skills, and a generous mentoring style. Alex has made a fine career helping significant clients reinvent their interiors and manages some of GLY's largest and most complex projects. Drawn to adventure, Alex is found where the action is — from the BC slopes to the Baja surf. His most recent adventure is closer to home: being a dad to a sweet baby girl.

key projects
Lincoln Square Expansion | Bellevue Microsoft B16+17 WPA | Redmond Hyatt Regency Expansion | Bellevue